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[FREE] Resource Library

The free resource library is a combination of ebooks, live trainings, meditations and calls that I have done and continue to do for my tribe, all geared to empower your journey towards owning your medicine, learning how to create purposeful spaces that speak to the alignment of what you do in the world plus how to actually put form to things that empower both your purpose and your necessity to support your life.

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Empowered In Purpose

Empowered In Purpose is focused around you getting into alignment around charging for your gifts and feeling empowered around it.

We are going to address:

  • your baggage around money and your alignment to charging
  • what your services are and what it would look like to price them in a way that feels good
  • finding your alignment around charging so you can step into that
  • client attraction 101, who are your ideal clients, how to call them in and the ones that are going to be happy to pay for what you got.

The biggest thing I am going to help you with in this program is your alignment to charging, and getting you into a place of feeling empowered in what you have to offer so you can step into offering your services in a way that feels good and SUPPORTS YOU.

You are not in the fulfillment of your purpose if you cannot charge for what you have to give.

What you are going to walk away with:

  • A completely different anchor to charging, meaning you will feel empowered and you will get it and how to hold it for yourself.
  • Your First Ideal Client: or a new client that is going to step into paying you what you should be charging!
  • Complete clarity on who your people are and how to connect and attract them.
  • A ritual and practice on deepening your alignment and allowing more wealth into your life.

Stop struggling over charging for your services and step into being empowered about sharing your gifts with those that are seeking them out.

See you inside.

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The Sacred Space of Ritual

A Journey into the Deepening of Ritual and Purpose

Diving deep into creating space for ritual in our lives to enhance our manifestations, to create a deeper connection between our higher selves and the divine and to begin to strengthen our relationship with our intuition.

Ritual is a practice and it is one that I have come to rely on that allows me to create abundance both in my business and life with a sense of ease and spaciousness.

If you have been wanting to create ritual for yourself, if you already have a ritual and are looking to deepen it...

If you are seeking to have a manifested experience of the power of ritual, aka seeing the outcomes that happen in real life when we create ritual...

I invite you to join me in this program.

What we will be covering:

  • What is ritual and creating yours...
  • Opening up to the connection to the divine, between yourself and energy that surrounds you.
  • Nurturing and deepening your relationship with your intuition.
  • Ritual as a way to support manifestation and purpose.

It will help awaken and open you up to the power of ritual.

What you will walk away with:

  • A ritual, that you love doing, and that you see manifestations of what occurs when you hold it.
  • Accountability for your ritual, the hardest thing is often for us to create consistency in our ritual.
  • And a deepening of your already created ritual.

There will be prompts and videos where I will be sharing my own rituals, that has supported me attracting clients, aligning myself to 6 figures, calling in community and also deepening that relationship with the divine.

This is a perfect space for those that know they have been needing to create ritual or space for themselves and haven't known how or are wanting to experience the power of ritual in their lives.

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